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With the passage of the budget, Medicaid Expansion is launching December 1st, 2023. More information about Medicaid Expansion can be found here.

Please help us take action on this worthy cause. Nearly 15,000 people are on the waiting list for N.C. Innovations Waiver Services, which help people with I/DDs lead independent lives. The average wait is 9 years, but some have waited as long as 17 years. The North Carolina Innovations Waiver Action Team says that is “2Long2Wait” and is trying to change that.

Tim P. Flavin, the chair of the Triad I/DD Advisory Board, wrote the following letter. Partners is supporting Tim and others in their efforts to find solutions to help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities get the help they need. See Tim’s letter along with the 2long2wait information flyer below.


Dear Neighbors, Registry Members and Disability Advocates:

I am writing on behalf of the Triad I/DD Advisory Board to ask you to join us in moving the Legislature forward in awareness and action. Partners Health Management is assisting us in reaching out to you. Nearly 15,000 people are stranded on the wait list for NC Innovations Services; nearly half have been on the list for more than 10 years as only a very few new Innovations Waiver slots have been awarded. The average wait across the state is 9 years, but in some counties people have waited 15, 16 and 17 years. It is too long to wait! If you have individual questions, we stand ready to speak to you today!

We all work tirelessly to help our children and those with disabilities toward a life fully expressed. It is why those who wait on the Registry of Unmet Needs grow increasingly frustrated with the lack of movement. We have no way of knowing the independence they will achieve, the indignities or challenges they may face, or the joy they will find in life. But, we want them to have a fair chance.

If you register on our website,, you will receive updates and support on our shared statewide initiatives. It’s vital that our collective voices and powerful stories are heard.


Tim P. Flavin
Chair, I/DD Advisory
CEO, Moji Coffee and More

The Triad I/DD Advisory Board is working to improve awareness and inspire action to address the needs of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DDs) who are waiting for a spot on the N.C. Innovations Waiver. The waiver covers services for people with I/DDs so they can lead independent lives. To learn more, visit

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