Confidential Screening

It is normal to feel stressed, anxious, distracted, and sad sometimes. These are common reactions to things we experience.

How often we have these feelings, and how often these feelings last are unique to each of us.

  • Sometimes these feelings occur for no obvious reason
  • Sometimes they just get worse and won’t go away
  • Sometimes they cause us to avoid dealing with people, to stop doing things we enjoy doing, to do things harmful to ourselves and others, or make us incapable of doing anything at all

This is when we might need to get help from a doctor or mental health professional.

Taking a confidential, online screening is a quick way to capture how you are feeling and see if you might have a mental health issue. Screenings also provide you with information and the next steps to take. Each screening only takes a few minutes to complete, and they are completely anonymous.

Remember, these screenings are just a tool for you to understand what might be affecting you. They do not replace assessments conducted by professionals, and the results are not a diagnosis.

Choose a phrase best describing how you feel, and get started with your screening now