County Realignment

On April 9, 2021, the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, approved Cabarrus and Union’s requests for realignment to Partners Health Management from Cardinal Innovations Healthcare.

The Boards of County Commissioners for Cabarrus and Union Counties asked to join Partners Health Management in mid-October; the Stanly County Board of Commissioners entered its request in early November. Forsyth County also has asked to realign with Partners. Forsyth’s Board of County Commissioners voted in November 2020 to begin disengagement from Cardinal and voted in March 2021 to align with Partners.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Partners’ culture. Partners will continue its close collaboration with Cabarrus and Union county officials, members and families, providers and stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition to ensure continuity of care for members.

Please send any questions to questions@partnersbhm.org.

An Open Network Approach

Partners believes an open provider network ensures choice and access for members in the county. Though LME/MCOs are permitted to have closed networks, Partners has never limited provider enrollment in that way. We welcome all providers who meet state qualifications and will not limit entry to the network based on size of the providers or the continuum of services offered.

To ensure continuity of care, providers can begin the process of joining the Partners Provider Network now.

Providers who want to join the Partners network may begin the credentialing process by completing the online Request for Consideration Form (Word doc). You may begin this process regardless of your inclusion in the Cardinal network.

If you are currently in-network with Partners, use the Provider Change Form to add all sites/services/clinicians serving members in Cabarrus, Union, Stanly and Forsyth counties.

Learn more about Partners’ Provider Credentialing and Enrollment at https://providers.partnersbhm.org/provider-enrollment-credentialing/.