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NC Medicaid Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan will launch July 1, 2024.
If you are in Partners Tailored Plan, you will receive a Partners Medicaid ID card starting on May 29 with PCP assignments. Please use the Change Your PCP form to change your PCP.
GreatDay Rewards Incentive Program

Partners always wants to reward our members for being proactive with their health care. After completing an annual wellness visit and providing your visit summary, you become eligible for a $20 gift card through our GreatDay Rewards incentive program.

If you want to ask more specific questions, please email or call Renee Jenkins, at 704-842-6488.

An annual wellness visit can help evaluate your health status, understand your risk for specific health conditions, and give you the information and resources you need to improve your health. Have you had a wellness visit in the last year? If not please call your primary care physician to get a wellness visit scheduled or rescheduled as soon as possible.

Click here to fill-out the GreatDay Reward Form.

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$10 Giftcard with Signup! (18 years or older)

Updated: June 18, 2024