A Known, Safe Place to Receive
Whole-Person Care

On Wednesday, August 30, Impact Health of Iredell opened its doors to the Iredell County community. The facility will serve as a known, safe place for citizens to receive same day access and same day engagement for physical health, behavioral health, and social issues.

Partners Behavioral Health Management, health care providers, and county and city leadership developed Impact Health of Iredell in response to unmet needs expressed throughout the community.

Local leaders and providers join in the ribbon cutting

Local leaders and providers join Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh and Impact Health of Iredell Director Duane Gaskins in the ribbon cutting to unveil the newest community resource for whole person integrated care. The event took place at Impact Health of Iredell on Wednesday, August 30, in Statesville, NC.

“I do what I do today to make a difference in the community,” said Jane Hinson, Iredell County Public Health director. “We have to treat the whole person. And I challenge all of you today to step back and understand these are human beings that deserve to be treated with dignity. If you don’t get their trust, if you don’t listen to them or give them a chance to explain, you are not serving them.”

Impact Health of Iredell’s goal is to begin improving visitors’ well-being immediately. We do this by coordinating the expertise of different agencies who specialize in mental illness, substance use disorder, intellectual or developmental disabilities, physical health, and community resource services.

“We meet them at the door and we assess what’s going on,” explains Duane Gaskins, director for the facility. “We may start with physical health, we may start with mental health. We can provide both of those. As we expand, we can continue to develop resources for these people to connect, to move them into what will help them and make their lives better.”

The new facility approaches an individual’s care using Partners’ Whole Person Integrated Care model. When someone comes to Impact Health of Iredell for help, providers will address the person’s primary care, behavioral health, and social determinants of health such as emotional, financial, spiritual, occupational wellness.

“Toothaches and headaches, financial stress, depression – things like these keep us from being our best,” said Duane Gaskins, Director of Impact Health of Iredell. “We need to help make lives better no matter what the need.”

Additional Information

Impact Health of Iredell is located at 518 Signal Hill Drive Extension, Statesville. It is open Monday thru Friday, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. For more information, visit https://impacthealthofiredell.com/ or call 1-704-873-1114.

Learn more about Whole Person Integrated Care at https://www.partnersbhm.org/whole-person-integrated-care-m…/

Find a walk-in center in your county at https://www.partnersbhm.org/find-help-walk-in/