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NC Medicaid Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan will launch July 1, 2024.
If you are in Partners Tailored Plan, you will receive a Partners Medicaid ID card starting on May 29 with PCP assignments. Please use the Choose or Change Your PCP form to change your PCP.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Care Management

Care Managers for those living with an intellectual or developmental disability help you get all of your health needs with the best care possible.

People often have multiple problems requiring different services and supports. Due to convenience, easy access, and having providers aware of all your needs, you can benefit from getting your care and treatment in one place.

Care Managers in our Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Care Management Department work with you and your chosen providers to arrange for you to get the services you need.  However, not all members get care management.

Our IDD Care Managers want you to get the best care possible. Care Managers work with you, your guardian, your family, and your other supports to:

  • Monitor your services and their results
  • Make sure you get proper assessments
  • Make sure you are involved in making a complete Person-Centered Plan
  • Make sure you get the services you need

To find out more you can link to the Partners Health Management Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Care Management Roster or IDD Care Coordination brochure. You can also view the resources page to get information on other services.

To make a referral to IDD Care Coordination or IDD services, call 1-888-235-HOPE (4673).