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New Drug Diversion and Treatment Program

New Drug Diversion and Treatment Program


Announcing New Drug Diversion and Treatment Program in Gaston County with Senator Thom Tillis


Gaston County Police Department
Conference Room
420 West Franklin Boulevard
Gastonia, NC 28053


Monday, November 14, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

Please join Partners Health Management, Gaston County Police Chief Joseph Ramey, and United States Senator Thom Tillis for a special presentation announcing the new Drug Diversion and Treatment Program in Gaston County. This community initiative, piloted by Partners Health Management, gives high-risk individuals addicted to opioids and facing criminal charges the opportunity to receive comprehensive, community-based treatment instead of a jail sentence. The program mission emphasizes rehabilitation and treatment over incarceration and helps participants become successful and productive citizens.

The program was created to combat the alarming rate of drug use, addiction, and overdose plaguing Gaston County. This Drug Diversion and Treatment program will improve lives by reducing substance use, increasing employability and economic status, increasing mental and physical health, and improving social and family functioning. These results, combined with reducing recidivism and crime, will strengthen the community as a whole.

Representatives from all community organizations collaborating to support the Drug Diversion and Treatment Program will be available for interviews at this event. Additional program information will be available for members of the media attending the news conference.