Partners’ Board of Directors

The Partners Board of Directors guides policies and procedures to be sure we meet local needs with the best providers and services available while maintaining your rights.

The Board of Directors guides Partners Health Management’s policies and operations. The board makes sure Partners is meeting local needs by giving you access to the best providers using the most effective treatment. The board is concerned with your health and safety, the customer service you receive, your right to file grievances/complaints and appeals, and the financial stability of Partners. All members are volunteers residing in one of the counties in the Partners’ service area, which includes Burke, Cabarrus, Catawba, Cleveland, Davie, Gaston, Forsyth, Iredell, Lincoln, Rutherford, Stanly, Surry, Union, and Yadkin Counties.

Board of Directors

  • Teagan Brown, Provider Council President
  • Jeffrey Brittain, Burke County Commissioner
  • Linda McCrary, Burke County
  • Barry Nelson, Burke County
  • Paula Yost, Cabarrus County
  • Katherine “Kitty” W. Barnes, Catawba County Commissioner
  • Stephen Eaton, Catawba County
  • Henry Morphis, Catawba County
  • David O’Connor, Catawba County
  • Daryl Cook, Cleveland County (Board Chair)
  • James R. “Ronnie” Whetstine, Cleveland County Commissioner
  • Terry Renegar, Davie County Commissioner

  • Don Martin, Forsyth County Commissioner
  • Karen Whichard, Gaston County, Assistant County Manager
  • Casey Gilbert, FNP, Lincoln County
  • Scottie Brown, Iredell County Commissioner
  • Mike Hoffman, Iredell County
  • Anita McCall, Lincoln County Commissioner
  • Steve Garrison, Rutherford County Manager (Board Vice Chair)
  • Scott Efird, Stanly County Commissioner
  • Bill Goins, Surry County Commissioner
  • Robin Testerman Beeson, Surry County
  • David Williams, Union County Commissioner
  • Kevin Austin, Yadkin County Commissioner (Board Treasurer)
  • Hope Elisa Bryant, Yadkin County

Board of Directors’ Meetings

Partners’ Board of Directors holds is monthly public meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. except for the months of July and December when no meetings are scheduled.

The meetings are conducted using Zoom. In the event in person meetings are scheduled the location will be posted in advance of the meeting.

For more information about Partners’ Board of Directors or if you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact Tammy Pyles, Clerk to the Board at tpyles@partnersbhm.org or by calling 704-884-2625 by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting to leave a voicemail and include your name and phone number and you will be provided with instructions to join the meeting.

Persons wishing to comment during the Citizen Recognition portion of the meeting may do so with the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the Public Comment Sign-up Sheet and submit it by 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting to Tammy Pyles, tpyles@partnersbhm.org or by calling 704-884-2625 to leave a voicemail and include your phone number;
  2. You must state on the form which agenda item you wish to comment on or the topic if it is informal discussion; and
  3. Your comments must be no more than 350 words and included on the form.

Once these steps have been completed you will be provided with instructions about how to join the meeting.


 Meeting Documents

January 19, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
February 16, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
March 16, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
April 20, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
May 18, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
June 15, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
July – 2023 No Meeting Held
August 17, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
September 21, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
October 19, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
November 16, 2023 Minutes – Agenda
December – 2023 No Meeting Held


 Meeting Documents

January 20, 2022 MinutesAgenda
February 17, 2022 MinutesAgenda
March 17, 2022 MinutesAgenda
April 21, 2022 MinutesAgenda
May 19, 2022 MinutesAgenda
June 16, 2022 MinutesAgenda
July – 2022 No Meeting Held
August 18, 2022 Minutes – Agenda
September 15, 2022 MinutesAgenda
October 20, 2022 MinutesAgenda
November 17, 2022 Minutes – Agenda
December – 2022 No Meeting Held


 Meeting Documents

January 21, 2021 MinutesAgenda
February 10, 2021 MinutesAgenda
February 18, 2021 MinutesAgenda
March 18, 2021 MinutesAgenda
April 15, 2021 MinutesAgenda
May 20, 2021 MinutesAgenda
June 17, 2021 MinutesAgenda
July – 2021 No Meeting Held
August 19, 2021 MinutesAgenda
September 16, 2021 MinutesAgenda
October 21, 2021 MinutesAgenda
November 18, 2021 Minutes Agenda
December – 2021  No Meeting Held

If you need to obtain minutes or agendas for meetings prior to 2020, please contact:
Tammy Pyles, Clerk to the Board, at TPyles@partnersbhm.org

Partners Health Management Budget Ordinance (Fiscal Year 2022-2023)

The proposed budget for Partners Health Management has been prepared in accordance with the North Carolina Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act and General Statute 159-11. Review the Budget Ordinance.

Partners Health Management Budget Ordinance (Fiscal Year 2021-2022)

The budget ordinance for Partners Health Management has been prepared in accordance with the North Carolina Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act and General Statute 159-11. Review the Budget Ordinance.