Partners Promise - Splash

“Partners believes strongly in our mission to improve lives and strengthen communities. There are no better opportunities to achieve this than by creating community-based programs focused on solving the core problems impacting health in a community.” – Rhett Melton, Chief Executive Officer for Partners

Take a look at the videos below to see what some of the state and local leaders say about working with Partners to solve health concerns for our communities.

Partnerships Matter

Learn how Partners, the Governor’s Office, NC DHHS, our providers, and other community organizations work together to impact the opioid epidemic and invest in our counties.

Communities Matter

Rep. John Torbett, NC House District 108; Sen. Warren Daniel, NC Senate District 46; and Rep. Kelly Hastings, NC House District 110, describe what Partners Health Management means to the communities they represent.

People Matter

Local legislators speak about Partners’ dedication to open and honest relationships to ensure local leaders know tax dollars are used in the most appropriate manner for improving lives in the eight counties it serves.

Counties Matter

County leaders talk about Partners as friends, neighbors, professionals, and leaders working to strengthen the communities in each of the counties it serves.

Local Matters

Local leaders discuss Partners’ level of local engagement to address specific needs for each community’s health through education, collaboration, and innovation.