Registry of Unmet Needs

The Registry of Unmet Needs is a waiting list for a spot (also known as a slot) on the NC Innovations Waiver, which covers services for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The NC Innovations Waiver, or Medicaid 1915(c) Waiver, offers services and supports to help you live independently in your community and gives you a say in planning for your community-based services.

Because funding and availability is limited, there is a waiting list called the Registry of Unmet Needs for people who are eligible and want to use the waiver.

The state of North Carolina and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) funds waiver services and determines how many people can receive services. The N.C. General Assembly sets the number of waiver slots that are available each year.

Our Registry of Unmet Needs lets us know who wants a slot when one becomes available. Slots are assigned based on when you joined the registry and the number of slots available per county.

TIP: If you or your loved one may want to use Innovations services as an adult, it is best to get added to the Registry of Unmet Needs early in life.

Who is eligible for the Registry of Unmet Needs?

Individuals who:

  •         Have a documented diagnosis of an intellectual disability or a significant developmental disability.
  •         Have substantial limitations in at least three of six major life activity areas (self-care, understanding and using language, learning, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living).
  •         Need waiver services in order to continue living in the community or to move out of an institutional setting such as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) Group Home, State Developmental Center or Adult Care Home.


Applying to the Registry of Unmet Needs
To start the process, call our Access to Care line at 1-888-235-HOPE (4673). You may call and speak to someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See the following infographic for a roadmap to the Registry of Unmet Needs for the Innovations Waiver (español)

You may be eligible for other services while you wait for a slot:

  • Medicaid 1915 (b)(3) Services – Sometimes Partners has funds remaining due to cost savings. We use these funds to provide additional services for individuals and families who qualify for Medicaid. Partners calls these (b)(3) services. These services include:
    • Supported Employment – Assists individuals 16 or older with finding, getting, and keeping a job.
    • Community Guide – Helps with creating relationships in the community, building social, coping, and relationship skills, using natural and community resources. Designed to increase independence.
    • Respite – Provides support and relief to unpaid caregivers. Enables the primary caregivers to go to planned or unplanned events. A trained professional provides health, nutrition, and daily living needs.
  • Long-Term Community Supports (LTCS) – This service is for age 22 and older with residential needs and consists of a broad range of services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Who should I contact if I have questions and/or need to report any changes while on the Registry of Unmet Needs?

You will be assigned a registry specialist at the start of the process. Each letter you receive from the registry specialist will include their name, telephone number and email address.