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Relative as a Direct Support Employee

Find out what a (RADSE) relative as a direct support employee is, and where to find the forms needed to become one.

Relatives and guardians providing the new Community Living and Supports services for someone on the Innovations Waiver are called Relatives as a Direct Support Employee (RADSE). Community Living and Supports services keep members on Innovations living in the home they choose. Sometimes, such as in very rural settings, Community Living and Support services are not available from a provider. To teach the Innovations recipient independent living skills, provide proper supervision, and create support systems in the community, the relative or guardian is hired to perform the services.

Only Innovations Waiver participants 18 and older can have a relative provide services. In order to be a RADSE, the relative or guardian must live in the same home as the person on the Waiver, but they can’t be the spouse of the participant. Also, if the relative or guardian is an employer as part of the Individual Family Directed option, they cannot become a RADSE.

The typical relative does not provide services more than 40 hours per week. Relatives and waiver participants requesting more hours will have to prove the services are not available from any other provider, but also ensure the individual will not be isolated in the home.

Services delivered by RADSE go through an approval process and are monitored monthly by care coordination staff to be sure the person on the waiver is having their needs met in the best possible fashion.

All necessary forms, documents, and applications are on the RADSE page in our Provider Knowledge Base.

To find out more about RADSE, see the NC Division of Medical Assistance Clinical Coverage Policy No: 8-P, Attachment F, or speak with the consumer’s provider.