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NC Medicaid Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan will launch July 1, 2024.
If you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, call Partners new Behavioral Health Crisis Line: 833-353-2093.
If you are in Partners Tailored Plan, you will receive a Partners Medicaid ID card starting on May 29 with PCP assignments. Please use the Change Your PCP form to change your PCP.
Partners Tailored Plan

Partners helps people get services for their specific health needs.

Partners Health Management covers most prescription medications. Some prescriptions require prior authorization and may have limitations based on age, dosage and maximum quantities prescribed.

Partners also covers certain over-the-counter medications with a prescription from a Partners network provider.

Partners works with CVS Health, a national Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), to perform the core pharmacy operations for Medicaid members enrolled in the BH I/DD Tailored Plan. CVS supports Medicaid beneficiaries in 35 states. You can access your specific pharmacy claims information through the CVS member portal.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Pharmacy Benefit
Quick Link Guide to North Carolina Medicaid Pharmacy Services

The North Carolina Medicaid Division of Health Benefits website contains everything you need to know about outpatient pharmacy services.

The NC Tracks website provides a complete list of drugs that require prior approval along with the specific criteria needed to obtain prior authorizations. To see if a drug is covered under your plan, click here to view the preferred drug list at CVS CoverMyMeds.  

The North Carolina Medicaid Division of Health Benefits website contains all North Carolina Medicaid Clinical Coverage Policies.