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Accessing Medication During a Disaster or Emergency

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It is possible to replace, fill or refill lifesaving medications during a disaster or emergency event.

If there is a state of emergency or disaster, including those declared by the North Carolina Governor, FEMA, or the U.S. President, the North Carolina Secretary of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) can enact the following protocol to help NC Medicaid beneficiaries get medicine they need:

  • Waive utilization management requirements (Prior Authorizations where applicable) and lift “refill-too-soon” edits.
  • Allow an affected enrollee to obtain the maximum extended day supply, if requested and available at the time of refill.

Pharmacy providers are encouraged to use the 72-hour emergency supply allowed for drugs requiring prior approval.

Federal law requires that this emergency supply be available to Medicaid beneficiaries for drugs requiring prior approval (Social Security Act, Section 1927, 42 U.S.C. 1396r-8(d)(5)(B)). Use of this emergency supply will ensure access to medically necessary medications.

Note: Medicine and cosmetics that have been in flood waters should be thrown away. Get other emergency tips here.

The following link to view Partners’ Tailored Plan Pharmacy Business Continuity Policy