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NC Medicaid Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan will launch July 1, 2024.
If you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, call Partners new Behavioral Health Crisis Line: 833-353-2093.
If you are in Partners Tailored Plan, you will receive a Partners Medicaid ID card starting on May 29 with PCP assignments. Please use the Change Your PCP form to change your PCP.
Support the Recipient and Their Families

‘We are recipients’ - Partners Tailored Plan
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You can find upcoming events by clicking on our calendar:

Visit our training resource and collaborative to see the many trainings that we offer for recipients and the community.

Partners has a strong commitment to helping you live your best life. In addition to our screening tools to help you manage your health, we have an app designed to keep you connected with others.

Our Pyx Health app focuses on daily mood and wellness check-ins, screenings, messages and assistance as needed. You can sign up for Pyx Health at or call Member Engagement at 704-884-2929.

You can also access (formerly known as Aunt Bertha) from our website to look for community resources that address needs like housing, food insecurity, safety and other social determinant of health needs.